Setting up the references style in Zotero

For Pacific University Biology Students
Last updated: August 21, 2019 by L. Chan

Import the correct Style.

  1. Download pacificu_biology_zotero.csl and note where it saves on your computer.

  2. Open Zotero preferences. On a Mac, go to the Zotero drop-down menu in the upper left and select Preferences.

  3. Select the Cite button at the top of the preferences window. Click on Styles tab and then the + button.

  4. Choose the pacificu_biology_zotero.csl file that you just downloaded.

That’s it. Your stylesheet is uploaded.

To use this (or another) stylesheet with Word.

  1. Click on the Cite button in the Zotero preferences and the Word Processors tab. Make sure the Word Add-in is installed.

  2. Next, click on the Export button along the top of the Zotero preferences.

  3. In the Default format drop-down menu, select the style you’d like to use. In our case, it’s probably Pacific University Biology.