Lauren Chan

Associate Professor, Biology
Pacific University
Office: Strain 310 | Phone: 503-352-1469
Email: lchan at

My research focuses on the evolution and conservation of biodiversity. I work with a lot of different taxa, but have a particular fondness for amphibians and reptiles. My projects generally use genomic data to characterize patterns of diversity in wild populations and understand the processes responsible for those patterns. Work in the lab involves fieldwork, molecular benchwork, as well as computational analyses.

I teach courses across the biology curriculum at Pacific University, including Introductory Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Evolution and Biodiversity, and Advanced Research Methods.

Opportunities to Get Involved!

I'm always interested in collaborating with excited, motivated students on research projects. If you want to learn more about the different research projects in the lab, first check out the research page and then email me or stop by my office. Opportunities range from joining us in fieldwork, collaborating on independent projects, to doing research with me in my Advanced Research Methods course.